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The Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Wash Site

When it comes to choosing a location for a new car wash as an investor, securing an A+ property is crucial for success. As a location-driven service business, here are ten important factors to consider when selecting a car wash site:

1. Demographics

Check the current demographics of the surrounding area, including the number of vehicles, average and median income, and population breakdown.

2. Zoning

Make sure the property is zoned for business use to avoid the hassle of getting it rezoned.

3. Property Size

For a tunnel car wash, aim for an acre-sized property with at least 225 feet in one direction. The largest side of the property should face the road for maximum visibility.

4. Available Space

Allocate space for vacuum pads, queuing land, turning radiuses, and finishing areas.

5. Visibility

Ensure the car wash is visible from the main road for better exposure.

6. Traffic Counts

Although important, traffic counts are secondary to demographics.

7. Traffic Speed

A speed limit of less than 45 MPH is optimal for maximum exposure.

8. Nearby Retail Area

Placing the car wash near other retail businesses can provide an additional draw.

9. Nearby Competition

Avoid placing the car wash within three miles of competing car washes.

10. Property Cost

Take the cost of the property into account as part of your total investment or monthly operational expense.

While these are not the only factors to consider, they are some of the most important. Don’t skimp on finding the right property, as securing an excellent site is critical to the success of your car wash business.

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