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Maxx Builders | Texas’ Premier Commercial General Contractors

 Setting the Standard for Commercial Construction Excellence: Maxx Builders, Your Premier Commercial Construction Company.


Optimize Your Construction Projects

Construction Management

Optimize your construction projects with our expert management services. From meticulous planning to seamless execution, we ensure efficiency, quality, and on-time completion.

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Integrated Construction Approach

Design + Build

Unlock the power of design + build synergy for your construction projects. Our integrated approach seamlessly combines design and construction expertise, ensuring efficient processes, innovative solutions, and exceptional results.

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Project Management History

General Constructing

Experience excellence in construction with our comprehensive general contracting services. From start to finish, we manage every aspect of your project, ensuring superior craftsmanship, on-time delivery, and cost-effective solutions.

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Functionality Enhancement

Tenant Improvement

Elevate your space with our tenant improvement services. From concept to completion, we specialize in transforming commercial interiors to meet your unique needs. Enhance functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency.

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Diverse Expertise, Tailored Solutions

What We Offer

Build Your Legacy in Texas

Real Estate Developers and Investors

With our deep understanding of the Texas commercial landscape, we partner with you to develop and redevelop properties that not only meet market demands but set new standards in commercial real estate. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures your projects stand out and deliver profitable returns.

Elevate Your Business Space

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Your business is unique, and your space should reflect that. We specialize in crafting custom commercial facilities that embody your brand’s ambition, ethos, and operational needs. From concept to construction, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Revitalize Your Property

Commercial Property Owners

Enhance your property’s value and appeal with our comprehensive renovation and expansion solutions. We blend modern design with functionality to transform your commercial spaces, making them more attractive to tenants and customers alike.

Maximize Your Investment


Our expertise in commercial construction is your gateway to profitable investments. We provide thorough project feasibility studies and professional construction management, ensuring your investments are sound and yield high returns.

Consistency Across Locations

Franchise Owners

We understand the importance of brand consistency. Our standardized construction solutions ensure that every location you open meets your brand’s standards and image, no matter where in Texas it’s located.

Undertake Major Projects with Confidence

Large Corporations

Large-scale projects require meticulous planning and management. Our team is equipped to handle significant construction projects, providing professional management and ensuring that every detail aligns with your corporate goals.

Build for Health and Innovation

Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, and your facilities should too. We specialize in constructing state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that meet industry standards, enhance patient care, and incorporate the latest technological advancements.

Construct Your Corporate Identity

Corporate Clients

Your headquarters and regional offices are more than just buildings; they’re a statement of your corporate identity. We create spaces that not only meet your operational needs but also reflect your corporate culture and values.

Optimize Your Workspace

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Your workspace plays a crucial role in your business’s productivity and growth. We design and construct office spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and efficiency, helping your business reach its full potential.

Attract and Retain Customers

Retail Chains and Restaurant Groups

In the competitive world of retail and dining, location and ambiance are key. We build engaging retail and dining spaces in prime locations, designed to attract and retain customers, enhancing your brand’s presence and profitability.

Streamline Operations with Strategic Facilities

Manufacturing and Logistics Companies

Efficient operations are the backbone of manufacturing and logistics. We develop robust facilities for optimal production and distribution, ensuring your operations are streamlined and your supply chain is seamless.

Create Destinations of Comfort and Luxury

Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector thrives on experiences. We construct hotels and resorts that offer comfort, luxury, and unforgettable experiences, making them the preferred choice for travelers and guests.

Enrich Communities with Meaningful Spaces

Cultural Institutions and Non-Profits

Spaces that resonate with cultural, historical, or religious significance are vital to communities. We collaborate on projects that enhance cultural and social value, enriching communities and preserving heritage.

Shape the Future of Urban Living

Urban Developers and Community Planners

Urban living is about integration and convenience. We innovate with mixed-use developments and urban redevelopment projects that create integrated living and working spaces, fostering community and enhancing the urban experience.

Secure Your Data and Connectivity

Tech Companies and Telecommunication Firms

In the digital age, data security and connectivity are paramount. We construct reliable data centers and telecommunication infrastructure that secure your data and ensure connectivity, supporting your operations and growth.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Specialized Commercial Construction

Every industry has its unique construction needs. From gas stations to custom projects, we cater to your specialized construction needs with tailored solutions that meet industry-specific requirements and standards.

Build for Specialized Healthcare

Healthcare Networks and Specialized Medical Practitioners

Managing construction projects across healthcare networks requires uniformity and efficiency. We also construct custom facilities for medical professionals, ensuring functionality, compliance, and an environment conducive to patient care.

Market Sectors

Retail Shopping Centers

We specialize in constructing retail shopping centers that blend aesthetics, functionality, and customer experience. From boutique malls to commercial complexes, our buildings enhance brand reputation, boost sales, and meet the evolving needs of the modern shopper.

Multi-family + Mixed Use

We construct multifamily complexes, expertly balancing comfort, security, and community appeal. Through our craftsmanship and sustainable practices, we build lasting properties that provide superior living experiences and retain long-term asset value.

Industrial + Warehouse

We deliver robust, efficient industrial buildings, from warehouses to logistics centers. Our structures prioritize durability, practicality, and adaptability, integrating the latest technology and sustainable practices to support your operational needs and future growth.

Healthcare Facilities

We specialize in constructing healthcare facilities, from dental clinics to urgent care centers. Our buildings balance operational efficiency with comfort, integrating advanced technology and adhering strictly to health and safety regulations to facilitate exceptional patient care.


We construct restaurant spaces that perfectly combine functionality and dining experience. Prioritizing compliance with health and safety standards, we build inviting atmospheres that enhance patrons' experiences, reflecting your brand's unique culinary vision.

Corporate Interiors

We specialize in constructing dynamic corporate interiors that foster productivity and collaboration. Our designs balance functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, with smart space planning, technology integration, and energy efficiency, delivering transformative workspaces that propel business success.


We construct state-of-the-art car wash facilities, focusing on layout, durability, and systems integration for optimal functionality. Whether it's a compact or a full-service facility, our constructions withstand heavy usage, enhancing your business operations and customer experience.

Fuel Stations

We construct top-tier fuel and gas stations, prioritizing functionality, safety, and modern design. Ensuring smooth traffic flow and strict compliance with safety regulations, our comprehensive solutions optimize customer experience and drive business success.

Tenant Improvements

Our tenant improvement services transform leased spaces into custom business environments. Managing every detail, we construct interiors that enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating an engaging, personalized space that drives your operational success.

Experience the Maxx Difference

At Maxx Builders, we are trailblazers in the construction industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. By harnessing advanced technology and leveraging data-driven insights, we revolutionize the way commercial spaces are built.

Unleashing the Power of Technology for Exceptional Results.

At Maxx Builders, we don’t settle for mediocrity. Our commitment to excellence drives us to embrace cutting-edge technologies that enhance every aspect of the construction process. By integrating state-of-the-art tools and innovative solutions, we optimize project efficiency, quality, and timelines.

Data-Driven Insights for Unparalleled Precision.

We believe in making informed decisions based on concrete data. Through meticulous analysis and interpretation of construction data, we gain invaluable insights that empower us to make precise, well-informed choices at every stage of your project. This data-driven approach ensures that we deliver exceptional results that align with your vision.

Redefining Construction Possibilities, Together.

Let’s embark on a transformative journey where we challenge traditional norms and rewrite the rules of construction. At Maxx Builders, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and goals. By combining your vision with our innovative technologies and data-driven approach, we redefine what’s possible in the world of construction.

Efficiency, Precision, and On-Time Delivery.

We understand the importance of delivering projects on schedule and within budget. With our advanced technologies and data-driven approach, we streamline processes, minimize inefficiencies, and maintain exceptional quality standards. Count on Maxx Builders to exceed your expectations and deliver your commercial space on time, every time.

Embrace the Future of Construction.

Experience the transformative power of advanced technology and data-driven insights with Maxx Builders. Together, let’s create commercial spaces that are optimized for success, crafted with precision, and delivered with unwavering commitment to quality.

Integrated Design-Build Expertise for Streamlined Execution.

At Maxx Builders, we offer a comprehensive design-build approach that sets us apart from the competition. As a single point of contact for your project, we seamlessly integrate the design and construction processes, resulting in streamlined execution, enhanced collaboration, and accelerated timelines.

Our Clients

Build Smarter

At our core is our commitment to “Building Smarter.” Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data, we revolutionize the construction process.

We utilize advanced software for precise design and planning, minimizing errors and optimizing resources. Our use of construction management systems improves communication, ensuring seamless collaboration among stakeholders. We harness data analytics to make informed decisions, predict potential challenges, and monitor project progress in real-time. This integration of tech and data not only streamlines the construction process but also ensures the final build is of superior quality, delivered on time and within budget. With us, experience the future of construction today.

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