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Who We Are

We are a Texas based commercial design & construction firm, founded in 2008. In a short span of time, Maxx Builders & Maxx Designers have created a unique competitive edge through technology and value-driven processes which are redefining norms in the construction industry.

Our expertise lies in all forms of Commercial and Industrial construction. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and constantly seek a better way to build - not just smart, but smarter.


With each project delivered, we continue to grow by building on relationships with our clients, who place their trust in us to deliver excellence using cutting-edge processes.

Purpose & Vision:

Relentless innovation to rapidly improve quality and delivery of construction projects for efficiency within the industry and beyond.

“To constantly innovate is a pledge and promise made to our clients and ourselves. As the industry evolves through our efforts, we will steadily diversify our skillset to distinguish ourselves while catering to our value-driven customers as we build commercial projects that inspire innovation, and delivers remarkable building structures that symbolize quality of business.” Harris Khan - President

Our Mission

To be the recognized leaders in construction industry, committed to building the most efficient and valuable commercial projects for our customers and communities by continuously strengthening our processes, our team and quality of projects.

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