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What New Research tells us about the Office and Apartment Commercial Real Estate Markets

By 09/21/2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments
What new research tells us about the office and apartment commercial real estate markets

The outlook of the office and apartment commercial real estate sectors paints two different pictures, according to the latest research from Ten-X.

In the office sector, a broad national outlook obscures the bifurcation of two types of markets – ones that are lagging (the “left behinds,” as Peter Muoio, chief economist at digital real estate marketplace Ten-X, calls them), and others whose economies are strong (“hot markets,” in Muoio’s words).

While the office sector outlook is market-specific, there has been, with some variation, a nationwide trend in the apartment sector: a heavy influx of supply responding to steady but healthy demand and extremely low vacancy rates, resulting in strong increases in rent.

A multitude of factors is contributing to these trends on a macro level, including the evolving workspace dynamic, the economic outlook under the administration of President Donald Trump, and the aging of millennials.

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