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Virtual Design & Technology

How BIM + Virtual Design Provides Our Client's Construction Advantage

Through Building Information Modeling (BIM) that includes Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technology, Maxx Builders is able to present 3D visuals of its clients’ designs well before construction even begins.


In practice, it has dramatically reduced mistakes, rework and time wasted in trips back to the trailer to search each drawing for the information needed.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

By integrating BIM within the construction environment, Maxx Builders provides a detailed and powerful solution to meet construction challenges while at the same time provide higher value without stretching the budget, build superior quality structures and mitigate risks in the build process for clients.


Maxx Builders is able to seamlessly integrate VDC within its design & pre-construction expertise and considerably saves time and cost on its clients’ projects.

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