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A Guide to Design-Build in Texas

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

What is Design-Build?

Design-build construction delivery is when the owner has only one contract with a single point of responsibility. When the architects and builders are on the same team it results in unified construction and design recommendations, seamless communication throughout the entire project, and a general understanding across all arms of the company. This makes for a much smoother workflow. Statistics show that design-build projects are completed 102% faster than traditional design-bid-build projects.

Design-Build Process

The Design-Build process has five main phases:

  1. Selecting a Design-Builder

  2. Pre-construction assessments

  3. Architectural design

  4. Construction

  5. Post-construction

This process is cohesive and collaborative in comparison to other construction methods. Due to the fact that the design-build team resumes full responsibility for developing drawings and specifications along with constructing a fully-functioning facility, change orders for errors and omissions are virtually eliminated.