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Maxx Labs 2018- 6 ways we will improve project delivery with drones

Drone mapping is an indispensable tool during all phases of construction. Easy-to-use software allows them to create high-resolution orthomosaic, elevation, and 3D maps in a matter of hours. Combined with built-in measurement tools and annotations, we can keep real-time tabs on projects and identify potential issues before they become costly.

Cloud-based maps make sharing and collaborating with everyone from site engineers to project owners simple.

Maxx Builders will use drones to quickly survey your job site and build maps. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive surveying tools, that produce complex data, you can get the job done in half the time & money, with greater accuracy.

Showing Clients the progress of the project

When clients stay away from the job site and cannot afford to come to the site again & again & your current pictures are just not doing justice, drones can be an inventive way to show clients the progress of building, renovation, or inspection.

If clients are not able to come to view the job site regularly, drones are very helpful in providing a visual standpoint that they wouldn’t have seen from the ground.

It is not just the task of showing the client what is happening if they can’t be there, it can also help with projects that haven’t even begun yet.

Drones do a great job of giving designers and architects an idea of what putting an adjacent structure up will look like, and how the aesthetics will change a very large project in a community in regards to open space on the ground and upwards.

Images recorded from a drone can be merged together to provide a short time-lapse video highlighting the progress being made on-site. As a result, Maxx Builders teams and clients will be better informed of what’s being achieved and can ultimately make more educated decisions without needing to physically attend the site. Software within the drone enables it to follow a pre-defined flight path every time in order to maintain consistency in progress reports.

Monitoring Job Sites

When you have to frequently shuttle between multiple job sites or have multiple projects for multiple properties; putting up a drone to monitor the progress, work, and safety standards improves the overall performance of the project.

When your workers are on a job site, the main objective that any project manager could wish for is to keep them productive. It is understandable that energy levels will ebb and flow, but you can also detect if any equipment shows up missing, or if other areas may need more workers designated to them for special accommodations.

Site Assessment

Successful projects start by analyzing construction sites before the work begins. Looking at projects from the actual surface of the project is one perspective. Reviewing the project from an aerial perspective may open up new insights. The new knowledge can generate new ideas of how to manage a project right from the outset.

Project Management

Professional sports have used game films for years to analyze how teams move on the field. Contractors can use drones for similar purposes.  We will analyze how their resources are moving on the entire construction site. Opportunities for change are realized by analyzing different perspectives.

Surveying the Site

Drones in construction have made the task of surveying land much easier and more cost-effective. Equipped with a surveying-specific drone, we can fly the drone over a stretch of land, collect images and use photogrammetry software such as Drone Deploy to generate 2D/3D structural models, volumetric measurements, and topographical maps. Ultimately, We will be able to focus more on analyzing the data rather than spending time trying to acquire it using traditional surveying methods.

Identifying Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable on all construction projects, however, it’s the speed at which they are identified that determines the implications it has on the project. Regular drone inspections of a site can unearth mistakes much quicker, therefore enabling swift action. With an aerial view, drones can identify errors that are less visible to the human eye from a lower level.

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