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7 Advantages of Podium Slab in Hotels & Multi-family Construction

What is podium slab?

Podium slabs are unique type of floor system that transfers loads from a steel or wood frame structure above the slab to concrete walls and columns below. Podium Slab consists of a 1- to 2-story reinforced or post tension concrete podium that allows several stories of light-frame wood framing above it.

Podium construction works best for 5-7 stories in a hotel or multi-family occupancy type as it is faster and more cost effective than block and plank construction.

4 over 1– Consist of 4 stories of wood frame over 1 story podium

5 over 2– Consist of 5 stories of wood frame over 2-story podium

Podium slab construction techniques

The following construction systems have been used for podium slabs:

  1. Post-tensions cast in place construction technique
  2. Precast hollow core; this construction system is preferred it provides immediate safe working platform and excellent construction speed.
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