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5 Ways to Jump Up to Large-Scale Multifamily Investing

So, you’ve been reading about the wealth, glory, and life of ease enjoyed by large-scale multifamily owners/syndicators, and you wonder how you can join their club.

You know who I mean. You watch him cruise by in his Tesla. You know he’ll be toking a big Cuban cigar and barking out orders to his staff from his hot tub when he gets back to his mansion.

Meanwhile, you’re struggling to manage a handful of tenants in a few single-family homes or duplexes, and the thought of multiplying this hassle times 100 (or a thousand) seems unthinkable.

Yet enticing.

As a multifamily syndicator, author, podcaster, and BiggerPockets writer, I get one question more than any other:

“How do I get from where I am to the commercial/large-scale multifamily investment level?”

If that question has been rolling around in your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. My goal in this post is to give you an overview of five avenues to help you jump into the large-scale multifamily investing world.

At the end of this article, I’m hoping you’ll comment on which of these five on-ramps is most intriguing to you. This will give me an excuse to write more articles and take a deeper dive into any or all of these avenues, hopefully avoiding me getting canned by BiggerPockets.

First Things First: Are You Sold on Large-Scale Multifamily?

I’ve been involved in quite a few aspects of real estate investing. In the past, I’ve done residential sales, single- and multifamily flips, single-family rent-to-owns, and rentals financed an office building, flipped waterfront lots, developed a subdivision, built and operated a large multifamily project from the ground up, and helped build a Hyatt hotel.

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